It’s not about Monomal, it’s about mapping

[UPDATE] The module is out !

Yeah! We’re not dead. We are just working on some new amazing stuff… Here are some pics and a small teaser. Well, the structures and the colors are not very nice. It’s just the first test of the module. We hope you will enjoy it.

15 Comments on “It’s not about Monomal, it’s about mapping

  1.  by  gilhoo

    That sounds really great ! Can’t wait to test it…

  2.  by  oktopus

    hi im Ricardo from Chile, you maybe could sendme this modul for test.


  3.  by  bart (cuvée ibal)

    Hi Ricardo,

    Thanx for your interest, but we won’t send the module to anyone until the public release, even for a beta testing. Sorry for that. Hope you will understand.


  4.  by  Ed

    Damn good work. This will be one of the best mapping enablers for some really cool small setups!
    Can’t wait to see it released.

    Take your time to build it up, but let us know when you guys are thinking of releasing the first version :)

    keep up the good work!

  5.  by  VR


  6.  by  anome

    No date for the moment : it could be during summer or later. Sorry, no more info but we have to deal with a lot of thing. Stay tune !

  7.  by  VDJ JT

    OWESOME!!! This is a great tools for mapping. Thumbs up to you guys!!! keep it up!!! hoping you can release it soon. =)

  8.  by  inadd

    great stuff! congrats hope will be amazing tool to mapping easier! positive vibes from mexico, inlakech.

  9.  by  fancyguey

    hi, any updates on the release date of the Mapping Modul8? I can’t wait till it comes out! I have to use Paint on Modul8 mean while and its killing me.

  10.  by  anome

    Yeah it’s coming. But we got a lot of work for the moment. Please stay tuned til the very end of summer ;)

  11.  by  Pedro Zaz

    Hey guys,

    Will this module allow volumetric mapping as in Fulldome?

    imagine if it does….

  12.  by  Emeric Aka Zuv

    bon bon bon… ca sent le pure module ca… et on se laisse desiré en plus… vous parliez pas de fin aout pour la release???

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