The module is there : MapMapMap

Since a few months, a lot of people have been asking us “When the module for video mapping is gonna be released ?”.
We got an answer. It is now !
Be free to download it from the online library of Modul8, under the name “MapMapMap” …

You can get more info and read a documentation on the dedicated page :

[vimeo 14794966 500 281]

RINCK Mapping Video from Iduun

[vimeo 11275847 500 281]

[module] teaser of our brand new module from Iduun

8 Comments on “The module is there : MapMapMap

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  4.  by  vJ AldoRiThM

    Thanks for the Great Module! I appreciate all your efforts. However, is it possible to map other shapes besides basic squares and rectangles? For example, can circles, curves, triangles and multi sided shapes be created? This would be necessary if you wish to create a serious mapping module. Perhaps you can incorporate an Illustrator type tool which would allow you to add points and curves/radii etc?
    Thanks Again,
    vJ AldoRiThM

  5.  by  anome


    Sorry, but I cannot code these features, as the modules in Modul8 are limited. I suggest you to have a look to Millumin ( ), my new project I’m focused on.


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