Modules for Modul8

In only 10 days, MapMapMap was installed by more than 500 users !
Here is an update with bug fixes and a brand new feature : the history manager !

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Since a few months, a lot of people have been asking us “When the module for video mapping is gonna be released ?”.
We got an answer. It is now !
Be free to download it from the online library of Modul8, under the name “MapMapMap” …

You can get more info and read a documentation on the dedicated page :

RINCK Mapping Video from Iduun

[module] teaser of our brand new module from Iduun


[UPDATE] We released a bug fix for direct connection with monome 64, 128, 256 (not for the 40h version). Thanx to Sandy that reports it !

Here is the new version of Monomal that support natively the Monome : no need to run MonomeSerial or Serial-Pyio !
Thanx to Julien Pauty and his nice Monome library !

Here is a quick tutorial that introduces the new feature of Monomal : connecting directly your Monome to it (without running MonomeSerial or Serial-Pyio).

PS : if you (ever) find a bug, please fill out this form —>


[UPDATE] The module is out !

Yeah! We’re not dead. We are just working on some new amazing stuff… Here are some pics and a small teaser. Well, the structures and the colors are not very nice. It’s just the first test of the module. We hope you will enjoy it.


Here it comes : the third version of Monomal !

[Audiovisual] Monomal V3 Demo from Iduun on Vimeo.

You can get more details and a documentation on this page.
Do not hesitate to request a feature or even donate a bit …