Kadâmbini, more screenshots…

Something between giant and dwarf… Of course, we won’t tell you more for the moment. You will have to wait for the 2nd teaser of Kadâmbini


Kadâmbini, making-of part 1

First part of the making-of Kadâmbini… Some photos we took last week near Paris, for a crazy night of shooting.
If you did not take a look at the first teaser, you should go and take a look at the Kadâmbini page


Kadâmbini, the teaser

We are so proud to present you this very first teaser of our show, Kadâmbini. This show will be premiered at the Visionsonic Festival on the 29th of october. If you want to know more about Kadâmbini, just take a look there:

A special thanks to Augustin Jacob, the main actor, for his handlebar mustache…


MapMapMap : bug fixes and undo/redo buttons !

In only 10 days, MapMapMap was installed by more than 500 users !
Here is an update with bug fixes and a brand new feature : the history manager !

More info


Kadâmbini, first screenshots

And here we are, somewhere between your dreams and our imagination, the first screenshots of Kadâmbini, our new performance we shot this week-end…