The module is there : MapMapMap

Since a few months, a lot of people have been asking us “When the module for video mapping is gonna be released ?”.
We got an answer. It is now !
Be free to download it from the online library of Modul8, under the name “MapMapMap” …

You can get more info and read a documentation on the dedicated page :

[vimeo 14794966 500 281]

RINCK Mapping Video from Iduun

[vimeo 11275847 500 281]

[module] teaser of our brand new module from Iduun


RINCK, video mapping installation

Video mapping on logo (polystyrene) and rough wooden structure.
Made by iduun – produced by iduun and the studio gühmes for Rinck

For its party, Rinck, famous for its artistic woodwork, asked us to make a video mapping installation in its atelier.

The brief was quite simple: we had to keep the spirit of the atelier, show the materials worked and some exceptional sites made by Rinck.

As always, there is a surprise behind this. It’s about technology in a module. This installation has been made with a module we are developping for mapping… The first release should be ready soon. Very soon…


Kadâmbini, new performance

Handlings and nonsense for eight hands and a pair of aviator goggles: this is Kadâmbini, our new performance in creation…

We are currently working hard on it, and it will be premiered on October 29th for the Visionsonic festival. More info … very soon !

Crédits photos: Raphael de Bengy & Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff


Exil. The end.

This is the last video for Exil. It’s a two minute live extract; maybe the best one we have, shot at the Vision’r Festival in Paris. I think it was the very last time we played this performance… Enjoy.

Of course, we will be back soon with a new live. We hope so.


New live : “Distance” (extracts)

Here are some extracts from “Distance”, a new audiovideo performance made between march and may 2010 …

[Live] Distance (extracts) from Iduun on Vimeo.

Distance is a fanciful journey, that tells the meeting between two souls that are so different.
One is captive in a microcosm. The other is lost into the vastness.

Music : Faz-l, Sunken Foal and Anome

Using: Modul8 + Monomal Module + Monome 40h