we will be at the Vision’r Fest

A little reminder, just to tell you that we will perform and do a workshop this Sunday, 23 May, around 16h30 at the Vision’r. Be there !

Centre Mercœur
4 rue Mercoeur, 75011 Paris
M° Voltaire ou Charonne (ligne 9)

5 euros for the performance, free for the workshop. Program (in french).

All our dates are there, if you want to follow us…


iduun live @ B-Seite Festival, Mannheim

And here we are. Thanks for the camera to our friend Auderoseselavy, here is a video of the first part of our live at the B-Seite festival in march. Sorry for the dirty noise on the video… There is some real pictures in the record when it’s too dark to see something !

Exil (live)

See also the nice photos of the live by Alexandra Petracchi, thanks to her.


Monomal 3.6 released : native support of the Monome ! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] We released a bug fix for direct connection with monome 64, 128, 256 (not for the 40h version). Thanx to Sandy that reports it !

Here is the new version of Monomal that support natively the Monome : no need to run MonomeSerial or Serial-Pyio !
Thanx to Julien Pauty and his nice Monome library !

Here is a quick tutorial that introduces the new feature of Monomal : connecting directly your Monome to it (without running MonomeSerial or Serial-Pyio).

PS : if you (ever) find a bug, please fill out this form —>


It’s not about Monomal, it’s about mapping

[UPDATE] The module is out !

Yeah! We’re not dead. We are just working on some new amazing stuff… Here are some pics and a small teaser. Well, the structures and the colors are not very nice. It’s just the first test of the module. We hope you will enjoy it.


exil and other, shooting

Exil suite, Tournage Pixels Transversaux

Thanks to YroYto and the Pixels Transversaux, last week, we shot a new part for Exil and some other pictures for a new live… You will be able to see them at the B-Seite Festival, Mannheim.